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My name is Mark Patchett I’ve been involved in various venture capital businesses through the better part of 18 years and was fortunate enough to have both success and luck along the way. Success can be elusive and difficult to achieve and is rarely accomplished by ones self but with the people you surround yourself with. I was introduced to Ryan O’keefe a few years ago through a peer. From the first time I sat down with Ryan ‘he got it’ and more importantly he delivered. He saw my vision and executed. In the two projects I’ve had Ryan and his team involved the experience has been flawless, fast and precise. He has always delivered a finished product that my competitors envy. If success is your goal in whatever endeavour you pursue Ryan O’keefe and his team will help you achieve that. Ryan and I have worked together for the last few years and consider him a reliable and integral part of the success we’ve achieved. Mark Patchett

VP Management Business Development, Henderson Projects

Krouse Sports LLC was started 2 years ago.  We’re the creators of a baseball and hockey themed golf putter.  A very functional putter to use on the course and be the talk of the greens when you pull it out of you bag.  We also sell other unique products such as the Putter Buddy and Howies Hockey supplies. Seen a Billboard Ad driving down the road and realized it was a friend of mine I use to work with in Pro Hockey.  Gave him a call and the rest is history. Ad stated they were the best.  I’ve found out it’s working very good after I took a chance on them. Price at the time was important.  A small business owner trying to make it in this world from a start up and not much funds is very challenging.  But later found the services rendered were top notch, so I’m still working with them today. I’ve used website building services, online marketing, Social media networking and email marketing.  It’s all worked well and will continue with Double Deuce. Relentless.  It’s pursuit to gain business and Double Deuce is relentless at working to achieve my goal. It’s opened new doors and enabled my own company to do some of the leg work as well to create more business from what I’ve learned. Many times.  Delete email or hang up the phone.  No reason to stray elsewhere. You get key services at great price points.  It will help take your business to a new level and see what you can make of out of it. I’d ask them what their looking to achieve and if they mention any of the services I get from Double Deuce, I’d say it’s your final rest stop.  Park your business and let them take over the wheel and bring it up the mountain to reach the top. John Krouse

Owner Krouse Sports/ Head Equipment Manager Portland Pirates, Krouse Sports/ Phoenix Coyotes

Exceptional results for our FUNDRasier campaign that saw Ryan and his group achieve remarkable results. Effective marketing and use of word of mouth and social media, helped create a buzz that saw Ryan move over 175 dozen doughnuts in less then an hour not once not twice but 3 separate fundraisers. James Morgan

Executive Chairman, Krispy Kreme

Top shelf production value on many levels, was very surprised at the level of media that exist today and the ease that Ryan and his team pulled off. Time lapse, Go Pro cameras on speakers chests multiple camera men and video wide angle and close up. Posting live on social media while I was talking, and I was very very impressed as we launched Linkedin Pulse and Campus to a sold out crowd of 350. The turn around of the media so I was able to use that next day was the icing on the cake.

Perry Monaco

Linkedin Pulse Manager, Linkedin

Contacted Ryan via YouTube after seeing a video he made that was unique and caught my eye, I asked for tips to replicate  his video and pointed me in the right direction. We chatted a second time and that’s when he sent a dropbox link with the 3D rendering and steps to add to my training video. He said that its the least he could and thanked me for my service and wished me luck, I just roughly went over the content to make sure it worked. What I did not expect was the video he made and hid at the end of the video, it was a video compleation from all armed forces and motivational quotes and in the style of a  NCAA Football pump up highlight film. It was awesome and right up or ally as the film was for jump school training with Luxembourg special forces.

Staff Sgt. David J. Overson

15th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, United States Armed Forces

Hi my name is Rosemarie Sim owner of Gauswheel Canada Distributors Inc. I have been involved in many businesses over the last 30 plus years, ( I know that 30 years part is making me feel Old too) which included Cellular Telephone stores in three provinces, Nightclubs in two province, and Casino Gaming facilities throughout North America.  To make a long story short, I have 10 Grand Children, and my Dream was to come up with something Fun, Exciting, non electronic or electric, and something that would of course include exercise .  Something I could do with my grandchildren and teach them to be entrepreneurs, and did I mention keep them out of trouble.   I have known Ryan for approximately 8 years and have been very impressed by his work and the reviews I had heard, seen and been witness too. May I also add, I am proud of his personal accomplishments since his terrible fall, which robbed him of much  of his mobility.   He was and still is a fighter that will never give up. Growing up with sports and hockey Ryan is a team player through and through, understanding nothing comes easy, you have to work hard and have to go out and get it. This instinct drives him to research the product, analyze the competition, re-tain, then  execute and deliver a well polished product.   He’s like a sponge and gets it right away.  He understood that our Product is very visual and that was what we needed to focus on. He set us up with great video’s with music, u-tube ideas, all aspects of social media and a polished commerce Web site.  He inundates us with ideas on hustling our Rider Teams and moving product.  He always keeps things light and easy to comprehend with his sense of humor which can brighten any ones day. Ryan has taught me the importance of Social Media which lets face it, it’s the wave  of the Future.  He has become our “Superman” which I respectfully have dubbed him! When every I need a task big  or small Superman springs into action! Would I recommend him to any …………. ABSOLUTELY!  “Wheel On”   Rosemarie Sim Owner /Operator Gauswheel Canada Rose Sim

Gauswheel Distributors

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